Families Making the Difference

Treatment Foster Care and Family-Based Services

You are someone who can make
a difference in a child's life

PATH ND Inc. provides treatment to children and youth in family settings.

PATH ND has provided personalized treatment foster care and family-based services for children and families throughout the state of North Dakota since 1994. During this time, PATH has pioneered the treatment foster care concept and has built a reputation for quality and leadership in the foster care field.

Since its inception, PATH ND has sought to serve children in the least restrictive setting possible, while still bringing the needed services to the child. Our programs are designed to provide extra supports and foster parent training to allow children and youth with treatment needs to have the security and normalcy of a family home, while receiving the services to help them address personal challenges and difficult family backgrounds.

Our mission “Families Making the Difference” is truly reflected in our services throughout PATH North Dakota.

In 1994 PATH ND had 26 youth in care. Today we are serving more children and families than ever before. In 2009 we served 1,111 children and their families. Our Strategic Plan and our commitment to valuing our 100 employees and our 513 individual foster parents make it possible for us to influence making the difference for children and families. Our dedication to our mission and our stewardship of our resources is something we are proud of.

PATH ND is a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) agency that provides comprehensive treatment services in North Dakota.

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